You won't believe what we think about clickbait

Clickbait headlines are totally pervasive and they’re proven to work, but are the results worth the stigma?These days, it’s almost impossible to ignore clickbait headlines. It’s likely you see at least one headline like this creep into...

12 September 2014

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Contractions: don't just ban them all

Blanket bans on words like ‘can’t’, ‘won’t’ and ‘should’ve’ are impractical and hard to implement. Try a more flexible approach...It’s not uncommon to come across an editorial style guide that...

04 September 2014

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Are you Team Title Case or Team sentence case?

We look at the advantages and drawbacks of these two styles of capitalisation – and explain which side we’re on It’s an age-old debate. Should your web page headings and navigation titles be in title case, or sentence case? First, a...

28 August 2014

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7 ways to think like a journalist when creating content

Creating good content is so much more than regurgitating an annual report. To do it well, you need to think like a journalist. Know your audienceListening to your audience and successfully interpreting their needs and wants is a core journalistic skill...

21 August 2014

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Call that a tonal value?

Tonal values help to create a consistent way of talking to your audiences. So how do you know which ones are right for you?Most organisations want to find a way of sounding that sets them apart from their competitors. Tonal values are the foundation for...

14 August 2014

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3 problems with information-rich websites and how to solve them

If your website carries a large amount of content, be careful you don’t overwhelm the user. See our 3 most common user moans and how to fix them.When you have a dense, information-rich website, it can be a useful resource. Sites like or...

07 August 2014

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How to brief in a good infographic

Infographics have proved to be a powerful format for content marketers but getting them right takes careful planning and preparation. Here’s how to brief in a good infographic. Define your strategyThe first thing you need to do before you brief...

31 July 2014

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In praise of Lorem

Misleading placeholder text can cause problems. Luckily, there’s an elegant solution – one that’s been around for centuries. Here’s why Lorem ipsum is so useful…Placeholder or dummy text is put in wireframes or designs to...

24 July 2014

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