4 frequently asked questions about writing FAQs

Good FAQs can mean customer service savings as well as giving users a positive brand experience. Here’s how to do them right

26 March 2015

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How to write original holiday destination guides

It’s almost impossible to be the first to describe a holiday destination. So how do you create an original guide? Here are 7 ways to approach it…

19 March 2015

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How to write the perfect product page (500 times)

Creating short descriptions for a large number of not-very-different products is a classic copywriting challenge. Here's how to do it well…

12 March 2015

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VIDEO: Learn the secrets of persuasive copywriting

Investing a lot in content marketing? Make every pound count by using every persuasion technique in town to encourage clicks, shares, downloads and sign-ups. Here's how

11 March 2015

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9 books that will make you a better writer

In honour of World Book Day, here’s a personal selection of 9 books that can help make you a better writer. And none of them has the word ‘content’ in the title…

05 March 2015

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Rough cuts: When is length a good thing in digital copywriting?

Too Long, Didn't Read or TL;DR: find out why long-form content still has a place online, and when you should use it

26 February 2015

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6 great movie taglines and what copywriters can learn from them

As Oscar night approaches, movie taglines come to mind. So what do these glamorous examples of short-form copy have to teach digital copywriters?

20 February 2015

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THE END. The top 5 barriers to b2b brand storytelling

Struggling to tell stories in your b2b marketing? Here are the 5 most common barriers to b2b brand storytelling we hear about and how to get past them 

13 February 2015

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