How to get your translation agency speaking your language

Are your messages getting lost in translation? Does your content lose context in different languages? TranslateMedia’s Antonio Catanese explains how to brief a content translation project

22 January 2015

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'Help! There are too many audiences for my content strategy.'

How can you create a coherent content strategy when marketing people insist there are 30 audience segments to consider? Get started with our 5 step guide...

19 January 2015

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How to localise your content without losing your voice

How to think global and write local while staying true to your brand and tone of voice 

12 January 2015

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How to create a content culture in your company

To succeed at content, you don’t just need investment, you need involvement. And that means turning production into a company-wide preoccupation. Here’s how to get everyone

19 December 2014

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How to write subject lines people want to open

Email is a crucial part of your marketing, but a poorly written subject line could send your message straight to the trash. Here are 7 easy ways to create compelling subject lines and help you

15 December 2014

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7 free and easy ways to reuse old content

Every find yourself short on resources? Don’t worry, here are 7 free and easy ways to get more out of your old content.

04 December 2014

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5 ways to inject emotion into your b2b content

Make your b2b content shine. Address your audience as emotional beings rather than logistics-driven machines and give your content that extra edge.

28 November 2014

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9 ways to win more content budget

Need to persuade senior managers to invest more in content? Try these tips from our ebook on building the business case for content.

25 November 2014

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