How Labour's 'baby number' campaign ticked all the boxes... except content strategy

Labour's NHS-driven social campaign, inviting people to find out their ‘baby number’ almost had it all. But at the last minute, they dropped the ball – and made it all about them. Keep an eye on your content strategy and make sure you...

11 July 2014

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What working in Agile really means

Heard about ‘working in Agile’ but not quite sure whether it would work for you and your organisation? Then read our highly flexible guide to the ins and outs of Agile.If your organisation is planning a major website relaunch or web build,...

04 July 2014

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Is native advertising the end of journalism?

The growing trend for using native ads in editorial environments online has got senior journalists worried about the erosion of editorial integrity. But are they right to be so concerned?There’s a newish kid on the journalism block and some of the...

27 June 2014

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Amy's Marketing Week Live 2014 slides now available

See our head of editorial client services, Amy Nicholson's very well-received presentation slides from Marketing Week Live 2014 Help! Letters to the content problem pageOr 7 digital content crises and how to fix them Are you stuck in a...

26 June 2014

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Copy optimisation - where to start?

Little copy fixes can make a powerful difference – and give you proof of the value of great copywriting. But where’s a good place to start?As a central part of the user experience, good, clever, persuasive copywriting is an essential part of...

20 June 2014

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Catherine Toole's B2B Marketing Summit 2014 slides now available

See the slides from Catherine Toole's speech at the B2B Marketing Summit 2014 Clever ways to get good content out of stupid people... We all know that content is now considered a business-critical activity. So how come good content is still so hard to...

19 June 2014

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3 useful content marketing formats

There are plenty of ways to present your content. Here are 3 tried-and-tested formats that work well on the web... Content marketing comes in many formats. From eBooks and white papers to infographics and listicles, it can be hard to figure out which...

13 June 2014

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What is good information design?

Infographics are on the rise, but what actually makes a good piece of information design? By our very own senior information designer, Andrew Park. Information design and data visualisation have become very popular on the web in recent years. With...

06 June 2014

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