7 things compliance hates about your financial copy... and how to avoid them

Are you inadvertently irriating compliance teams by continually writing stuff they can't pass? Learn how to avoid common copy mistakes with these top tips...

24 April 2015

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Signposting: the role your copywriting plays in a user's journey

Online, every word acts as a signpost – so don’t underestimate the value to your users’ experience of having a damn good copywriter on your team

20 April 2015

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How to write a great how to guide

As consumers demand more transparency on services and pricing, companies are coming under increasing pressure to produce honest How to guides. Here’s how to write a good one…

01 April 2015

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4 frequently asked questions about writing FAQs

Good FAQs can mean customer service savings as well as giving users a positive brand experience. Here’s how to do them right

26 March 2015

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How to write original holiday destination guides

It’s almost impossible to be the first to describe a holiday destination. So how do you create an original guide? Here are 7 ways to approach it…

19 March 2015

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How to write the perfect product page (500 times)

Creating short descriptions for a large number of not-very-different products is a classic copywriting challenge. Here's how to do it well…

12 March 2015

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9 books that will make you a better writer

In honour of World Book Day, here’s a personal selection of 9 books that can help make you a better writer. And none of them has the word ‘content’ in the title…

05 March 2015

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Rough cuts: When is length a good thing in digital copywriting?

Too Long, Didn't Read or TL;DR: find out why long-form content still has a place online, and when you should use it

26 February 2015

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