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When Frankencontent goes global...

17 April 2014

The all-too-common issue of Frankencontent – content whose effectiveness has been undermined by excessive, uncoordinated stakeholder input – takes on a whole new dimension of horror when it comes to localisation, writes Yusuf Bhana of

4 content cries for help and the audits that solve them

11 April 2014

If you feel like you’re sinking in a world of content with too much to do and nowhere to begin, it’s time you got to grips with a content audit. But what exactly is an audit, and what kind do you need? Content audits vary hugely from project

Running a livechat: Top tips

03 April 2014

Livechats are an often-overlooked content-marketing tactic that can bring new people to your site, and help establish your organisation as a thought leader and curator of debate on key topics. Here’s how to run one… When planning a livechat

6 lessons digital copywriters can learn from Apple

28 March 2014

Breaking grammar rules and keeping things simple ‒ what digital marketers can learn from Apple… Apple knows a thing or two about selling itself and its products. For the past two years, the tech giant has been adjudged ‘world’s

What does Google's new font mean for content writers?

21 March 2014

Google has redesigned its search results page for a ‘simpler, cleaner’ look. Changes include new font sizes. So what does this mean for your content writers? So what’s new about Google’s search results? ‘Google Search on

'Infographics are bad for seo.' Discuss

14 March 2014

Once the darling of the content marketing world, infographics have found themselves coming in for criticism, with rumours that they are bad for seo swirling around in the blogosphere. The basis for these mutterings appears to be comments from

7 ways to create interesting content about 'dull' B2B subjects

06 March 2014

Writing b2b content can sometimes leave you asking: ‘Does anyone really want to read about this?’ Here are 7 ways to liven up your content marketing planning... Whether you’re in drainage or dry stone walls, can openers or cavity

How to turn a corporate set-up into an editorial operation

27 February 2014

Content marketing only works if people want to read it. But to create content that people genuinely want to consume, you need to prioritise editorial quality, and put a structure in place that supports that priority. Here’s

What makes a successful content marketing awayday?

21 February 2014

How to make the business case for a content awayday and some great ideas to make it happen. We can always improve the way we do content. But we’re all busy people and it can be difficult to find the time to review strategies, encourage alternative

Content stakeholder engagement: a step-by-step guide

14 February 2014

How to use the opinions of stakeholders to shape a content project from the start, encourage support throughout its lifecycle – and improve content quality overall Once you realise a content project will be more successful when you actively

The Digital Content Summit 2014 | Slides from Catherine Toole's speech now available

12 February 2014

'Stakeholder says no': How to get content signed off. See the slides from Catherine Toole's speech at The Digital Content Summit 2014 Most digital content professionals, left to their own devices, can plan and create wonderful stuff. It’s

7 reasons why you need content stakeholder management

06 February 2014

According to our State of Digital Copywriting survey almost as many content projects have 3 to 5 stakeholders as have 1 to 2 stakeholders – and having more than 3 stakeholders can quickly make managing a project unwieldy. We also

How to make tech content exciting, not dull

30 January 2014

When writing about tech, how do you make it sound interesting and exciting? How do you capture your readers’ attention? How do you create content that excites? These days, tech is most definitely hip. On last year’s CoolBrands list,

Get 50 per cent off The Digital Content Summit

30 January 2014

Hear Catherine Toole, chairman of Sticky Content, a Press Association Company, talk at The Digital Content Summit Sticky Content chairman Catherine Toole is a renowned speaker, workshop leader and expert blogger on content strategy. She leads content

Content confidential | Frankencontent: Time to face up to the monster you create by committee?

30 January 2014

Try these 3 transformational steps to free your content activity from the nightmares of your content approval process...    Far too many stakeholders, endless feedback loops, interference at board level… the stories content

11 ways to get out of your content rut and develop a content culture

23 January 2014

If you find that the content you produce is a tad on the stale side, start developing a content culture with these 11 ideas…  If you only produce a blog a week, update your social channels on an occasional basis or bash out the odd email

Do you need an ebook?

17 January 2014

If content marketing is all about breaking content up into digestible chunks, how does the ebook fit in? Surprisingly well, in fact. Done well, ebooks can deliver specific benefits that other content types can’t… Do you need an ebook?

64 ideas for things to write about

09 January 2014

If you've been given the job of producing regular articles for your blog or editorial calendar, it can be hard to keep coming up with subject ideas. See our top tips to help you get creative… Set up Google alerts for keywords in your industry

6 steps to creating a great infographic

03 January 2014

Plan your goals, check your data and use an original, topical idea to give your infographic maximum impact…  A good infographic combines the visual appeal of an illustration with the informative power of a research report, helping users

Top tips for writing mobile and tablet friendly content

19 December 2013

Smaller screens, dual-screening and a constant on-the-go environment make writing for mobile a lot trickier. Here are some top tips for mobile copywriting… Consider both types of mobile user Research suggests that mobile web users fall into 2

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