5 reasons to hire a sub-editor

Want to improve the editorial quality of your content? Here are 5 reasons why a sub-editor can be a vital addition to your team…Real editorial quality can only come through a process that allows for in-depth quality control on pre-published...

10 November 2014

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Fill your editorial calendar in 5 steps

Now you’ve established the bare bones of your editorial calendar, here are 5 tips on scheduling your content Last week we revealed 5 tips on the creation of a framework for your editorial calendar.Now, how do you go about filling it with...

31 October 2014

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Create an effective editorial calendar in 5 steps

Discover 5 tips for planning, preparing and producing your content so you never miss another post ‘We’re all publishers now.’ It’s a phrase we often hear uttered in the content marketing biz, and yet even today so few...

24 October 2014

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5 tips to make your content competitive

Creating content means creating new competition – not just rival businesses but rival providers. Does your content measure up?Who are your competitors? The obvious answer to this obvious question is to look to those businesses that provide similar...

17 October 2014

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3 essential content marketing lessons

Add value to your users and make your content work harder: follow these 3 essential content marketing tips and you can avoid the mistakes we see all too often… Plan your contentAccording to our survey last year, the biggest headache for content...

09 October 2014

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5 digital copywriting tips George Orwell can teach you

Discover how George Orwell can help you write copy that’s clear, concise and easy to understand.George Orwell wrote one of the most significant novels of the 20th century in 1984, but his influence is enduring well into the 21st century –...

02 October 2014

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Sticky designer brings his wisdom to David McCandless' new book, Knowledge is Beautiful

Learn how Sticky’s own Andrew Park has contributed to Knowledge is Beautiful – the new book from information design expert David McCandless Most copywriters – Sticky Content included – strongly believe in the power of words. But...

26 September 2014

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5 ways to improve your Facebook effectiveness, from shares and likes to an increase in followers

Want comments, shares and followers on Facebook? Keep these common-sense guidelines in mind as you grow your social media presence. You don’t need us to tell you that Facebook is an incredibly important tool in today’s world of content...

22 September 2014

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